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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jennifer Aniston has a crush on Paul Rudd

According to reports, Jennifer Aniston has a crush on Paul Rudd but he is a married man.

One source said, “I think Jen has developed an unhealthy attachment to Paul."

“After having her heart broken so many times, Paul seems like a safe alternative for Jen. she has a huge crush on a completely unattainable man."

“Jen has opened her heart up to Paul, and she’s allowing her feelings to veer from platonic to close to romantic."

“But there’s no way Jen’s feelings for Paul can lead to anything but more heartbreak."

“It’s as if she’s living out her own private romance fantasy so she doesn’t have to face the reality of her real-world, dead-end love life."

“Paul doesn’t know about Jen’s crush on him. He’s just trying to be a good friend to her — but she’s mistaken his affections for something more.”


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