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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Natalie Suliman looks good in lingerie

Natalie Suliman 032

Natalie Suliman 021

Natalie Suliman 0072 Natalie Suliman looks good in lingerie (42 pics)Natalie Suliman 035These photos of Natalie Suliman in lingerie for something called Nelly aren’t the most exciting pictures in the world. The background is grey, she’s not really doing anything sexy, annnd then you get to the thong photos and it’s all so very well worth it. Sure these photos have probably been airbrushed to death, but isn’t that really how we’d prefer it? Who wants a bunch of pictures of a model looking like she really does anyway? I prefer to live in a fantasy world where all models are tight and flawless and have lunch with me at least once a week then we go back to my place andNatalie SulimanNatalie SulimanNatalie SulimanNatalie Suliman 031Natalie Suliman 027Natalie Suliman 028Natalie Suliman 025Natalie Suliman 026Natalie Suliman 019

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