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Monday, June 7, 2010

Spanish actress and model Paula Echevarria showing off her groovy body for the June 2010 Issue of DT Spain

The guys from the Spanish mens magazine DT call this girl “El Perfecto Regalo” and judging by her amazing look I’m pretty sure they got that title right. It’s the first time I’ve seen a couple of pictures withPaula Echevarria and even though she’s not showing a lot of skin I was pretty impressed by this girl’s delightful body.
Apparently she is a Spanish actress and model and she’s already really popular in Spain where she appeared in several tv shows and also in a couple of mens magazines. But she deserves more than that and everyone in the world should see how gorgeous this girl is.
So, here we have Paula Echevarria showing off her groovy body for the June 2010 Issue of DT Spain in a couple of pictures that will make you remember her name for a while.
Paula Echevarria DT 1

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